Clubs for pre-teens

A positive club experience consists of consideration and helping other club members; as well as finding great joy in working together with friends and club instructors.

You don't need to announce your participation in forehand – just come and join us – follow the dates and club hours announced in newspapers or call the number given below.

We regret to tell you that some of our floorball turns for boys are over-booked. On the other hand it is very difficult to restrict the number of participants – but the fact is that additional hall-time is almost impossible to get. So you may be forced to wait a while before your turn comes! But be patient- we will try our best! The halls are really full-booked continually.

Still our intention is to establish new clubs on each area of the Nurmijärvi parish. The most difficult task is how to find competent club instructors. At present the number of the club instructors is about 50 (2008) part of them being 13-15 years of age, part of them are young adults.

Some of the girl's clubs are so called traditional ones which means programming activities ment usually for girls – such as handwork, singing, playing home games and alike; sometimes even baking. There are also joint clubs for girls and boys – such as miniature model clubs, hall-bandy clubs, drama clubs and playing clubs. We can assure you that you will certainly find your favourite club – and remember: your initiatives will always be gladly received!

For more information please contact our youth workers.