After-school activities at Nurmijärvi parish

After-school activities offer a safe place for children in grades 1-2 and children receiving special support to enjoy after the school day. After-school activities consist of play and supervised activities. The children spend time together with other children and make new friends. After-achool activities are the children's freetime and our club is based on respecting it. Activities also take place outdoors daily. This service, which is subject to a fee, also includes a snack.

Trained instructors supervise the children's activities and ensure that they are safe.


  • activities until 16:00: 120€/month
  • activities until 17:00: 140€/month

Guardians can apply for a fee concession or exemption based on their income. 

Applying for a place:

  • You can apply for a place at the after-school activities with the application form.
  • You find that form on the website of Nurmijärvi parish
  • If you apply for a place after the application period has ended, we cannot guarantee you a place. 
  • see more information on the website of Nurmijärvi parish


Our club points are:

  • Kuusela, Malakiaksentie 5, 01900 Nurmijärvi
  • Klaukkala church, Ylitilantie 6, 01800 Klaukkala
  • Metsäkylä school, Järventaustantie 163, 01810 Luhtajoki
  • Rajamäki, Patruunantie 1, 05200 Rajamäki
  • Röykkä, Toimela, Männikönaukiontie 4, 05100 Röykkä
  • Uotila school, Uotilan koulutie 81, 01860 Perttula


For more information please send an email to